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Custom XBird - Mahogany Body and Neck,Duncan P-90's, Tonepros Wrap Around Bridge,Jumbo Frets.


Tele Jr. - Western Maple Body,Flame Maple Neck,Reverse Headstock, Gotoh Tuners,Duncan P-90,Hardtail Strat Bridge,Jumbo Frets.


12 String Strat,Alder Body,Maple Neck,Dano Headstock, Dano Bridge,52 Reissue Pickups.


T-Bird - Cumala Neck and Body,Rosewood,Tele Bridge & Buz Pickups, Gotoh Tuners,Jumbo Frets,Reverse Headstock.


Jag - Cumala Body,Flame Maple Neck,Shedua Board,Duncan P-90's, Jumbo Frets,1/2 Tele Bridge,Recess Knobs.





fanned fret les paul style with a spalted maple top and duncan blackout pickups


One of the great benefits of building guitars one-at-a-time versus the big production lines is that we can build to order and preference.

I'm not happy with the guitar until you are. If you've checked out our Guitar Gallery you've no doubt noticed that I can build just about any shape you could want. The contours, 'tummy cuts' and sound chambers can be as deep or shallow as you like (within reason). I make my necks from scratch, so you can tell me what radius fits your hands and style of playing best.

You'll also note that I don't ordinarily do elaborate paint schemes or intricate inlays. While I can certainly provide that (at a reasonable price), I've got a real affection for the look of the wood and I've also found that players often prefer finishes that are thin and allow the wood to resonate freely.

As an added feature, we'll post pictures online at various points of the construction of your guitar so you can watch as we bring your ideal instrument to life.

Below is a list of just some of the features and options I can provide. If you're serious about building a guitar, give me a call and I can provide you a quote for your custom guitar.


•African Mahogany, Alder and Maple bodies

•Laminated Multi-wood bodies, necks, - even tops!

•Exotics available upon request
•Mother of Pearl, Abalone or synthetic Inlays

Body Styles & Shapes

•Traditional & vintage

•Reverse headstocks
•Fanned frets

•If you can draw it, we can make almost anything!


•We recommend Manlius and GFS pickups.

•ANY pick-up manufacturer, combination, configuration or wiring scheme you like.

Put the knobs and switches where YOU want them!
•Have pickups that you like already? We can use them too.


•Locking tuners


•Wrap-around bridges



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