Innovative Designs and Exceptional Playability
“My goal is to provide the player with a fresh alternative to what is currently available on the already flooded market.”

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  B & V designs are unique and innovative. Built for tone, comfort and speed with ergonomic features that are so simple and functional that you'll wonder why other guitar builders don't do things this way. Options like fanned frets, individual string bridges and hand-carved contours are just the beginning.

Every guitar made at B & V Woodworks is a unique instrument. Far from the cookie-cutter guitar production lines, B & V combines hand selected woods, premium electronics and dependable hardware to create guitars of amazing tone and style.

We have designed B & V woodworks to be "The Working Musician's Custom Shop". Despite the exceptional quality and individuality built into each instrument, our guitars and basses are still AFFORDABLE for the working pro and serious amateur player alike.

Take a tour through our Guitar Gallery and you'll see just how unique your guitar could be or visit our Guitars in Stock for a selection of instruments available for immediate purchase. Either way, you’ll discover that handmade doesn’t have to mean out of reach.

Handmade, single-luthier instruments. Made to be played, not just collected.
To be short and to the point, I build guitars. Simple, honest , no-frills guitars, made of the finest woods I can obtain. Using time-honored woodworking techniques and some of my own unique methods.

Every guitar is made entirely by hand, by me. From selecting the lumber to boxing the instrument for shipping.

You won't find overly elaborate inlays or super glossy mirror finishes here. My goal is to build instuments that feel organic and alive, one you " can't put down".

If you’re interested in something you see here or have an idea for a guitar of your own, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call at 702-528-3211.

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